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professional work services

professional work services

Looking for staff rent solutions?

Your choice, seasonal or experienced and skilled workers.
We believe that you know the best about your work tasks and requirements. Our team is ready to offer even highly qualified employees, having work experience and necessary certifications. We will listen to your needs and offer the temporary staff that best suits your requirements.

Optimized & industry-ready solutions

Globus Bemanning seeks to improve your business productivity through reducing costs and time expenses for personnel maintenance. Cooperating with you, we are able to choose qualified, trustworthy and experienced employees that will fit your needs.

We focus on administrative work such as salary, holiday or sickness pay, employer taxes, social security insurances and other required paperwork. Therefore, you can concentrate on your business.

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Professional work services


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We strive for the highest standards of service and quality in our customer service. Identified needs help us to take proper care of each client. We aim to make work easier for companies, so we provide four main solutions to make the company’s work more efficient.

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Industries we serve


Vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, plant farms – gathering, packaging, sorting, greenhouse work and other services.

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Fish, meat, precooked food plants, bakeries amongst other specialities.

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Welding, assembly, wood-processing areas and other specialised job areas.

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Carpenters, tile setters, roofers and other experienced construction workers.

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Service Industry

Warehouse personnel, Conveyor workers and Logistics workers.

Transport Industry

Drivers, Truck drivers, Tractor drivers, Heavy machinery operators.

Head office

Org nr: 915 041 833
Nedre Strandgate 41, 4005 Stavanger, Norway
Globus Bemanning AS

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